Wednesday, November 2, 2011

80?!?! Seriously?!?!?

My Dad turned 80 on Oct 25th.  I can hardly believe it!  He's 80! That's just INSANE!  

My brother and I decided that 80 was so important that we needed to have a big party.

So party we did!

We invited about 40 couples/families and about 60 people came to the party.  It was AWESOME!
It was really great to see so many people come to celebrate with my Dad.

There was lots of food and lots of fun.

But what was MOST important to me was the cake.  And not just because I like cake.

I required that there be a cake big enough to hold 80 candles.
I figure the guy is 80 and he's earned 80 candles!

So a cake with 80 candles was presented 

and all 80 candles were lit.  

Look at the glow.  And it was so warm!
And that's my Dad surveying the spectacle.
I just loved this moment.

And the old guy even managed to blow them out!

Happy Birthday Dad!
I love you and hope you live to see 90!
Maybe we'll do another big bash!