Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Finally. A New Year Post.

It's been busy.  Not the "I'm so important and everyone needs me" busy (although my kids sometimes make me feel that way or like an indentured servant - depends on the day).  But just the "winding down from the holidays" busy.  The "starting school again" busy.  The "cleaning up all the holiday crap" busy.  The "trying to take a few moments for myself" busy.  The "trying to get back in the groove of eating right and exercising" busy.  Today, my house is a bit cleaner and I've had some time to relax.

This week, my little guy started karate.  He won a free pass for a month and we thought we would give it a try.  He's had one class and it was okay.  We'll see how he does over the rest of the month.  But I must say that he looks ever so cute and awesome in his do bok.

I suppose we will see what the new year brings.  For now, I'm just thankful everyone is healthy and mostly happy.