Tuesday, March 20, 2012


FINALLY another post.  So I'm a huge slacker. It's tough being me...

Well anyway, on Sunday, the husband and I went to the Verizon Wireless Store to buy new cell phones.  You see I have been VERY spoiled for the last few years.  My brother had me on his cell phone plan and was so generous in paying for it and my phone.  Then in the most recent couple years, he added texting to the plan and we got the husband a phone too.  I did start paying a small fee when he upgraded to texting.  But on Sunday, the husband and I decided to be real grownups and get our own cell phone plan.

So now the husband and I have joined the masses.  We both got iPhones.  This is amazing because I never thought the husband would ever let us get any Apple product EVER.  He is very much set against Apple because he feels they cater to the non-computer type people.  He feels it is not for him because he is very much a computer type person.  So we own no iPad, or iPod, or Mac's or anything like that.  But he finally decided that Apple has the market on the bestest cell phone.  So off we went to spend our hard earned dollars on 2 iPhones and a brand new cell phone plan.  Boy was I excited to shell out major money for this one... (yes, that is sarcasm).

But within only moments of having my iPhone, I fell in love.  There are so many fun features!  And most importantly I finally got to download the Instagram App from the AppStore!  So let me share and maybe I'll have more of these soon.  You just never know, it might increase my blogging a bit... We'll see.

And so look at that adorable guy.  Isn't it awesome!?