Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Soccer Home Stretch

I really enjoy soccer.  I like watching it.  I love watching the kids learn skills and become more aggressive.  I like seeing them get excited about playing well.  But at some point, I get tired of rushing out the door after school and driving all over town for games and practices.

We are in the home stretch!

Canon finished up this past weekend.  He had a tournament and the team played the best they have all season.  They tied one game and won their second.

Kieron has 2 more games.  One this week and one next week.

I'll be glad when it is done.  I'm not one of those parents who has her kids in 8 million activities.   I look forward to some down-time.  I look forward to taking a break from activities and just focusing on school and family.  But both kids have repeatedly asked about karate lessons.  I'm so cheap - I keep saying... maybe... we'll see...  I so don't want to pay for it!

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