Friday, June 24, 2011

I'M DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With what you ask????
I have been holed up for a week trying to get caught up and finish my Driver's Education course.  Why am I taking Driver's Ed?  No, I wasn't taking Driver's Ed like learning to drive; I was taking Driver's Education the class that teachers take to TEACH Driver's Education.
Why, you ask?
Yes and No.
I needed more credits to renew my teacher license this year. This class was relatively cheap for college credits.  It was online and only 6 weeks long.  It wasn't really hard, just time consuming.  And I got behind for a bit and had to play catch up this week.  But now I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let me tell you... this class was a real eye-opener.  I may never let my children drive.  Ever.  Really.
So many scary videos watched.
But did I mention that I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Just took the final exam moments ago.  Did pretty good (95%).  I swear I clicked on the right button on a couple of the questions and they were marked wrong.  But it's all good and I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And so now I'm moving on... because there are so many important things to blog about that I have not had time to do because I was holed up working on this class.  My poor children... all week they heard "Mommy has to do her homework so you sit and watch TV and leave me alone."  But tonight will be different.  It will probably be "Come sit on Mommy's lap and watch TV with me since I'm so tired!"  Okay, probably not.

I'm thinking more like "Sure Kieron, I'll play Pirate Code with you."
And, "Sure Canon, I'll help you make your new Robotical Man superhero costume."
Thank goodness I'm DONE!!!!!!!!

I'm off to go get my kids from Lego Camp.  At least they were doing something productive today... instead of watching TV!

I'm DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

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