Friday, March 18, 2011

The Q and U Wedding

My youngest is in kindergarten.  Those clever kindergarten teachers have come up with this REALLY cute way to teach the kids about how Q and U go together in most words.  They have Q and U get married.

It is a BIG deal.  I mean really big deal.  The whole school attends the wedding.

The girls are Q's (because ladies are first).  Sorry I didn't take a picture of the girls.  I wasn't thinking.  I was so focused on getting pictures of my little guy.

The boys are U's.  They all have to dress up (because it is a formal occasion).

Then they play wedding music and the boys and girls walk in.  Arm-in-arm they walk up to the stage.  The principal conducts the ceremony and reads this really cute story with lots of QU-words in it.  The Q's have to say "I do" and then the U's have to say "I do."  Then the wedding is over and they all walk out.

Then comes the reception (yes, I'm serious).  They have a wedding cake - with Q and U on top of course.  And then after cake they have dancing.  So cute to watch the boys boogie down!  It was the highlight of my day/week.

Here are the boys getting lined up (girls are on the other side of the stage).

Here's my son NOT smiling for me.

Here's him NOT smiling again.

Here's how he looks when it's NOT me taking the picture.
(You can get an idea of what the girls looked like from the little girl behind Kieron.  They had cute little veils and flowers!)

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