Sunday, March 13, 2011

So Good To Be Home!

I did not abandon my blog.  I was in Australia for 2 weeks and it took me a week to recover from the trip home!

Australia was AWESOME!  The boys did so well on the trip there, while we were there, and on the trip home.  We all had so much fun seeing crocodiles, feeding crocodiles, holding crocodiles, petting a wallaby, seeing and holding snakes, feeding fish at high tide, swimming in the hotel pool, swimming in the wave pool, walking around Darwin, riding the Croc Bus, and SO MANY other fun activities.  I really could spend the next few weeks blogging just about my trip.  I may make a few posts as I'm going through my pictures and such.  But for now, I'm going to just post a couple pictures and call it good.

Baby croc (about a year old)
The wallaby fur feels a lot like a soft cat or dog.

Feeding the fish at high tide.

The trip home was the hardest part.  We were all so tired when we arrived at LAX.  I think it took me 2 full days to feel "normal" again.  But it was all so worth it and we really had an experience of a lifetime!

I'm very glad to be home and sleeping in my own bed again!  The boys go back to school tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to the routines of the week again.

Our family (or maybe just me) has a passion for bowling.  Amazing how the bowling shoes in Australia look just like the goofy bowling shoes in America!

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