Saturday, February 5, 2011

Carrots vs. Cookies

The never ending battle in my world...

Do I eat the carrots that I know are healthy and good for me?
Do I eat the cookies that I really want because they taste SOOOO good?

I don't get how people can "eat in moderation."  It doesn't come naturally for me.  I have to REALLY work at it.  Which I totally hate.  I love to feel healthy and strong, but I HATE having to weigh and measure everything I eat in order to eat in moderation.  It TOTALLY does not come easy to me. 
I want to be the kind of person that eats very healthy all the time, but the cookies taste SOOOOOOOOO good.  And the cake.  And the ice cream.  And the homemade bread.  And the Belgian waffles.  And the bacon (Mmmm... bacon).  And the chocolate.  And pretty much anything with cheese.

I know that eating right is all about being good to myself.  Eating right so I can be healthy for my family and myself.  I know how to eat right - lots of fruits and vegetables and I even like fruits and vegetables.  But I see these yummy looking recipes and I just can't resist.

I actually don't mind the exercise part.  I enjoy working out.  I would love to be a runner but I have a heel spur that makes the running too painful.  But even with the heel spur, I will endure the pain just to feel strong after exercising.

But the battle with food - the never ending... "Do I eat the carrots or the cookies?" that just never goes away for me.  I have times when I can do really well.  I did manage to lose 50 pounds (and yes I have kept it off and yes I'm proud of myself, blah, blah, blah)!  But I eventually fall off the wagon and that makes me angry.  I would love to lose about 15 more pounds.  I would really love to be the kind of person who can stay on the wagon ALL the time.  It is just SOOOOOOOOO hard.  I HATE that.

I did workout today.  But I didn't eat really well (there is homemade bread in my house).

Did I mention that I like sugar?  Did I also mention that I like working out and feeling healthy?  Did I mention that I just don't get these people who are naturally healthy and fit?  Some people just don't seem to have to work at it and that makes me so frustrated!

I do strive to eat the carrots.  I just wish the cookies didn't call to me every second of the day.

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