Monday, February 7, 2011

Science Fair


My baby (not the youngest, but they are both my babies!) did his very first science fair project!  HOLY COW!  It was a very proud moment for me on Sunday afternoon when he glued the last piece of his project to the board.  I just can't believe it!

What is really exciting is that he WANTED to do the project and actually asked several times over the past couple weeks, to work on the project.  We weren't scrambling at the last minute to push and get things finished.  The project isn't even due until tomorrow and it was done yesterday!

I'm also very proud of him because he sorta understands what he did.  I helped, but I didn't DO the project for him.  He really did the work.  Ran the experiment, collected the data, drew the pictures, typed the report, cut and glued stuff to the board.  It was so great to see!

I'm not going to say that his is a 1st place project.  I have no way of knowing yet.  This is the first time I've ever done a science fair project with a 2nd grader.  We will find out tomorrow.  But whether he wins or not, I'm so proud of him for what he accomplished!!

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