Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I don't normally feel frazzled.  I normally feel like I have everything under control and on schedule.  But I must admit with a birthday party (sleepover) and an upcoming trip to Australia... I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed!

I'm trying to keep it all in perspective.  I don't have to go to a "real" job on top of all this.  I have this awesome deal where I stay home and take care of my family.  So that is great!

However, I'm still feeling a bit "out of it" with getting ready for everything.  I'm trying to stay focused on the birthday party since that is happening first.  And things are moving along for that.  But then the Australia trip creeps into the back of my mind and I know I have a million things to do for that!

Let me repeat that I am glad to have all these things going on.  Better to have good things frazzling me than bad things.  So I do feel fortunate about that.

Nevertheless, my brain does not seem to get much of a chance to rest.

On a side note, Canon is blowing me away with his insane reading ability these days.  He is on Harry Potter book 4.  He is only in second grade!  He has even taken the Reading Counts quizzes on the first 3 books and passed them!  BLOWS ME AWAY!

He was so cute last night when he finished book 3.  He came out from his bedroom and told me that we were going to have to go buy book 4 the next day.  Little did he know that his mama had it all covered!  I had bought the book 2 days before since I knew he was close to finishing book 3.  Mamas rock!

Then I decided to give him one of his birthday presents early because he passed his quiz at school.  So he got to build the Lego Quidditch set today after school.  He was SO excited!  Maybe a picture of that will get posted tomorrow - if my frazzled brain has time!

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