Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cookies for Breakfast

"I don't like it."  and  "I'm full."
These are the two comments I get VERY often from my picky eater.

So I have a plan.  I think to myself, what kid would not want cookies for breakfast?  Seriously.  Chocolate chip cookies.  They are these WONDERFUL Giant Breakfast Cookies from a blog I follow.  I decided to give them a try this morning.  I figured my kids would be oh so excited about cookies for breakfast and the cookies turned out awesome.

My picky eater decided to shun the cookies.  "I don't like it." he says after taking a microscopic bite.  He has the BIGGEST sweet tooth on the face of the planet and he still turned them down.  Yes, the cookies have oatmeal in them.  And yes, I was trying to sneak some healthy food into his body.  But you can't really tell the oatmeal is there.  The cookies are not dry.  They are very yummy.  The chocolate chips definitely mask any "healthiness."  I think he is just completely insane.  I'm considering locking him in a closet until he outgrows his weird picky eating.

The non-picky eater did eat a whole cookie.  When asked if he wanted "another cookie for breakfast?"  "No, I'm good." was his response.  SERIOUSLY!?  It's a COOKIE for breakfast!  What is WRONG with you?

So I went to my backup plan and sliced a pear for the kids to eat.  What happened to the pear you wonder?  All consumed.  No begging, pleading, or nagging.  Pear, gone.  I'm not complaining that they ate the pear.  I just totally don't understand not wanting to eat the COOKIES.

By the way, the picky one finished his pear and had 98% of his cookie left and said "I'm full."

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