Saturday, January 29, 2011


Today was Kieron's birthday party day.  He had 8 of his little friends join him at Carson Slotcar Raceway (a totally great deal - $90 for 1 hour of racing and extra time for party and very nice owner).  Kieron had a great time and it was such a nice party.  Just wanted to share a couple pictures.

Then we came home and he wanted to play with his toys.  The Nerf gun was fun but fortunately for me it didn't last too long.  He's crashing from the sugar rush and has decided to watch a movie and relax (the mama is VERY thankful for this).

I get to enjoy some peace and quiet.  Then I may cook something healthy later... MAYBE... or we may just eat Oreos and cake.  There would be some milk though.  Now it is also time to switch gears and start focusing on Canon's 8th birthday party coming up.

Happy beautiful Saturday afternoon!

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